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“I first started painting at 19 years of age as a form of relaxation – with encouragement from my oldest sister. I have always had a keen interest in Aboriginal art & craft as one of my first positions was as an assistant in an Aboriginal art & craft shop in Albany, Western Australia.

  • 1990-1992 - Shop Assistant and then Manager - Noongar Art Shop , Albany Western Australia 
  • 1992 - Kyana Festival - Perth WA (sell out) 
  • Galleries: * Blue Ochre - Geraldton - *Lighthouse Gallery -New South Wales *True Blue Gallery - Fremantle - *Kingspark Aboriginal Art Gallery - West Perth 
  • Naidoc - Reconciliation Poem 2007


Commission: Armadale Hospital - Mercy Care - City of Albany

Exhibitions- Yonga Boodja - West Swan-*Noongar and KinjArt - 2015 and 2017 - Vancouver Art Centre - Albany

Business: KinjArt since 2004 have owned a market stall and was a silent partner in a Noongar Art Gallery (Yonga Boodjah) .

Current Project(s): I am onto my 3rd Project with the City of Albany - Mokare Project, this includes artwork, cultural story lines and reinterpretation.

City of Albany Projects: 1. 23m Mural, 2. Street Banners 3. Mokare Project

I now enjoy teaching other young and Indigenous people of the value and the commercial benefits of being an artist,